Saturday, August 9, 2008

okay this is what happened on 8th august 2008. first i went to toa payoh mrt station to meet grassae and anthea for breakfast. well, at first there was some miscommunications but we all did meet up in the end and we all went for breakfast at macs at toa payoh. grassae treated me and anthea for breakfast. THANK YOU GRASSAE! anwyay after eating and talking about many STUFF, we went to the bus stop to take either 153 or 105 to the old police academy. we didnt take 153 because it was simply TOO CROWDED so we ended up waiting for approximately another few minutes for 105 to arrive. we took it and very soon arrived at our destination. grassae and anthea were walking in teh middle of the road okay, and they very nearly got knocked down by a car): we began following all the nanyang girls as soon as we saw them. well we lost the first girl we followed and then saw some teachers from the aesthetics department and followed them;D AND THEN FINALLY WE REACHED THE PLACE WHERE THE NANYANG GIRLS ALL WERE! at first, us 3 walked around the field behind our nanyang tent. then we played the a.e.i.o.u wolf turning around chasing game. due to our heavy bags and not wanting to wet it by placing it on the wet grass, we went looking for our class and after 5 minutes finally found it. we then called the numerous people we usually hung out with to go play with us. AND AFTER ONE RETARDED GAME, WE WERE CHASED BACK TO THE TENTAGE BY MY EX SABBATICAL TEACHER. WTH I KNOW. shaian then started bragging about where the hci guys were putting up HAH SHAIAN I DONT CARE ANYMORE. so we began singing songs whereby the dreamelody people led us. janice did scream into the mike abit and it hurt my ears but still. then we were asked to go out and get ready to go hand-in-hand. we stood out there for like 20-30 minutes and didnt even hold hands. instead we began chatting and then jiayan and elaine went around poking people's ears with sticks to scare us since most of us were mesmerised about how big the red ants along the walkway were:/ BELLE the retard kicked them nonstop sheesh!!!! and so we were all asked back in again. i was listening to music using my phone and it was on full blast. so the last thing i heard was val. that was shaian calling me btw. i simply ignored it and then suddenly kept hearing my name being called so i jsut turned around, smiled and said ya? then they started getting into hysterics. hsiaofong, belle and shaian that is==i was like what are you laughing for? then they were like we said stuff like javier called you and i didnt reply. and belle said jeremy called you and i didnt reply. then shaian said _______ called you and i replied. okay honestly i DID NOT KNOW ALRIGHT IT WAS ALL JUST A COINCIDENCE=-= and then we went in and back to the tentage and we were all dismissed. righto. then grassae, belle, shaian, me, hsiaofong, anthea took a cab to j8 to eat shilin chicken. I KNOW I ROCK BECAUSE I ATE MUSHROOM CHEESE EGG CREPE. and what's so nice about mee suah anyway?:X so after eating i was like i dont think i wanna go wildwildwet(www) le. i have my _____. then belle was like use _____. i always use it when i go swimming!!! then i was like ew no way. and anthea said if you poke it up too high, you will lose your virginity. VERY FUNNY ANTHEA. haha okay then we went to some supermarket to buy ____. and it worked alright! we then parted ways.

erm okay this is part 1 i really gtg now bye everybody!!! love ya loads!!! thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!! and those bolded people, thanks for making my life complete and everything yay!^^

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